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Out of the Ordinary


So you've found me at last!


I am Lily, an independent companion living in Zürich. I've been sneaking around the globe under the radar lately, enjoying the simple seductions of being a well-kept secret.


You won't find my face anywhere on the internet. Discretion is my priority, a quality that serves both me and anyone in my company. I am a rare combination, an outgoing intellectual with a sharp personality; subtle yet outrageous, charming yet risqué, regimented yet unpredictable…nothing short of my own bespoke brand of a goddess. Such goddess’ has been known to inspire intense, fleeting fantasies. In short, I am an uplifting, energizing muse with a little added impropriety perhaps a mysterious one with a playful imagination. I not only have a complex personality, but also an insatiable curiosity for all things that live outside the box of the traditional norms.

Rather open-minded, I value real connections and encounters full of tenderness. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and free as you enjoy this new intimate adventure we share. The select ones that I keep in my small circle crave for a deep and intimate experience, just as I do. I take great pride in cultivating every date for all involved as an unforgettable experience together.

If for whatever reason you find yourself currently seeking a genuine connection to a young woman with an irresistible je ne sais quoi and unquenchable joie de vivre, you’ve found the right woman.

"Secrets are the Currency of Intimacy"


Height:5’7” NATIONALITY:Swiss

HAIR:Black  EYES:Brown
  FIND ME:Zürich City (Often Out) LANGUAGES:English, German

International in flavor, cosmopolitan in style. There's nothing ordinary about me, which I hope sparkles your interest, as I hope you not to be an ordinary man.

Once you meet me you will instantly know that I am someone hard to forget. My striking black, sensual eyes are expressive and captivating. My personality is genuine and flamboyant. A woman made for  the world, educated and well spoken.


I cater to gents who value a sexy mind as well as a sexy body, and to those who are tired of the same and unfulfilling experiences.

 I am a fun and friendly girlfriend that you dreamed of, and I know how to be the perfect companion for those looking to impress, which makes my companionship ideal for those who seek genuine connections and more than just a pretty face.

Modern Letter...
As a well-established Independent companion in Switzerland you can rest assured that privacy and discretion are at the top of my priority list.

So here comes my favorite part. You've read all about me and now it's my turn to learn about you. Feeling that sort of nervous excitement? Don't worry, I am too! Reach out, tell me a little bit about yourself and let's set up a time to meet. 

I can't wait to hear from you, I have this feeling that you

and I are going to create beautiful memories!